About Us

Public Stoneware


The unifying theme of Ginny’s work is her appreciation of clay as a natural material that has played an important role in art and culture. 

Ginny Redgate creates tools, vessels, and wall sculptures. Her functional work ranges from modern interpretations of classic patterns and forms to the rustic and raw. The rhythmic patterns in nature serve as an inspiration - as does the feel, history, and culture surrounding clay itself. It's a call to the honoring of materials and craft. 

Ginny’s latest sculptural work explores how the rhythmic patterns of beadwork connect us with nature and how beads have been used throughout history to communicate, protect, as well as for ceremony.

Ginny founded Public Stoneware in 2019 to reach others who seek a connection with nature through their daily practices. She and her small team create tools for everyday rituals.

Public Stoneware clients include the Wythe Hotel, for their private dining service, APD Workshop's Faraway Hotel Martha's Vineyard, LA's Kassi Club, and many private collections and fine shops across the country, including:

Comerford Collection
Aero Studios
Time & Space Ltd Palm Springs
Hudson Boston
Homebody Denver
Cielo Home
Adorn Seattle
Sunrise Home
Sundance Catalog
Free People

Ginny has shown in various NYC, Brooklyn and upstate NY galleries. She received an honorable mention in the Japan Society's NY/Tokyo Ceramic Competition in 2018. She can be found in her studio in Brooklyn or wood firing in Vermont.